You Too Can Become a Skype-er!

If you’re reading this and you don’t have Skype yet, you need it! It’s so, so cool. And so, so free! Say you’re sitting around wasting time on the internet (not that you would ever do such a thing) and you discover this great pair of Corso Como flats with rhinestones in the sole and you need to tell someone about them right away. Of course, you could e-mail them or call them, but that’s so last decade.

Instead, you open your Skype account, click on their name and then a window pops up on their computer saying “Accept or Decline” and when they hit “Accept” (because they were just thinking about you and wanted to tell you about Dr. Horrible because they don’t waste time on the internet either) then you’re hooked up. You just start talking and they can hear everything you say OUT OF THEIR COMPUTERS! I know! So amazing.

And if you hit the button with a video camera on it (and you have a camera in your computer), they can see you too! It’s v. space age. You can be like Mr. Spacely at their home or office. Beware of moving too close to the camera though. This can be an issue when at a loud coffee shop where there’s a musician playing next to you and coffee beans grinding etc. and your partner Skypes you from home and you lean in to be all, “What? Did you really just say you made me cookies?” And your head gets too close to the camera and they end up with something like THIS large screen on their computer:


I’m not sure how moving close to a computer camera makes you look not only big but deranged as well (it could be that it’s just me), but to be on the safe side, I’d stay well back.

Just keep this precaution in mind and you too can become an ultra cool Skype user!

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