You Are Killing Me

I’ve been reading oodles of good books lately and I’m not complaining or anything, of course, I love to read good books, but could the vivid descriptions of meat not be so damn vivid, well-written, and tempting???

It’s killing me. I don’t want to eat meat. Really, I don’t. I know that in reality the actual food wouldn’t taste that great, because nothing really is quite as good as we make it out to be as writers since making things sound good is our job and all. It’s just so disturbing to be right in there with that starving sneak thief in The Magic Thief by Sarah Prineas snarfing down copious amounts of bacon and biscuits. I know I don’t like bacon. I gave it up when I realized in third or fourth grade that pigs were lovely creatures and I couldn’t eat it any more. But I tried it again in 1994. It just tasted salty. Hugely disappointing, as was my last attempt to try red meat in 2001. But when that sneak thief eats it!!! It’s like it’s the best thing in the world ever. Like how I feel about cheese. And cake.

Don’t even get absolutely_maybeme started on THE TACO STAND FROM HEAVEN in Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee. The food in this book isn’t even something I’ve ever had. My experience with tacos in my pre-veggie days was limited to Pancho Villa hard shell tortillas and ground beef with the packet of taco spices. Or ground venison. I never had carnitas or pollo or el pastor or any of these things that she writes about in such loving greasy detail. I’m all over the chopped cilantro and green onions and home made guac., but the way she gets me craving something I’ve never had and wouldn’t even like, it’s like some form of ingenius torture.

If you like meat, I would highly recommend the above titles. They have other things going for them too like plot and characters etc. If you don’t eat meat, then be warned — materials include explicit meat eating scenes.

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  1. Ahh, I’ll have to check these out. The worst is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…i can’t read that without a huge arsenal of chocolate by my side…or James and the Giant Peach. I need, well you know, a peach to go with that one…

  2. I tagged you.
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  3. Johanna, the chocolate one that always gets me is The Chocolate Touch. Have you read that one recently? I somehow miss the message of too much of a good thing when I read it and just want chocolate!
    Lisa, I hope there isn’t a deadline for responding to being tagged. I swear I’ll respond within a couple of days.
    Farida, I don’t remember that part of the A Moveable Feast! I’m going to have to check it out, I have a copy around here somewhere (new apartment = new book organization = can’t find anything).

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