Years 11 & 12 of 16, Our First Two Visits to Portland, plus Vegas!

I’m not sure what happened between 9 & 11, but photographic evidence is not forthcoming. I could put up a picture of me and my co-star sharing a malt and pretending to be in love in the World’s Fastest Librarian and maybe even try to photoshop Barrett in, but it would be a sham. I’m guessing that hidden box of photos would be handy right about now.

But we must move on.

Year 11, Our First Visit to Portland

Year 12, Our Second Visit to Portland (take note that this is the year I stopped straightening my hair)

Year 12 Bonus Photo, I also found a picture of us in Vegas in which I forgot to pack my contacts (it was an early flight!) and Barrett has some kind of slickster hair, but he’s wearing that cute suit.

More olden times photos to come (well at least a year or two back)–keep a look out!

Love to you all,


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