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  1. Hey, Happy Birthday! How have you been? hope yo feel better now. what’s the weather like way over there? Call you guys soon. Don’t forget… Vote early and vote often!

  2. P.S. I like the Natalie Portman Video “Speakout again” where towards the end it shows what must be someone throwing a kitty.

  3. Happy belated birthday Bridget!!! Your cake looks fun! Hope it was yummy. 🙂

    PS I’m reading Hunger Games, too. We’ll have to compare notes when we’re both done.

  4. David! Things are v. good. Weather is great in a rainy, but warm kind of way. I voted three weeks ago — I love this mail voting thing. Call us! Where is that video? I couldn’t find it online. Though it sounds disturbing.
    Judy, I can’t wait to hear what you think of Hunger Games. I swear I couldn’t put it down. Yikes!

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