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I was lucky enough to be asked to introduce several authors for the WI Book Fest last weekend. Very exciting as no one has ever asked me to do this before. However, I’m guessing that the organizers weren’t anticipating that I would

a) make fun of the title of the author panel I was introducing

b) create an entirely new title called WI YA Author Rock Stars

c) make the whole audience cheer for them as though they were rock stars or

d) not even be able to finish my introduction of Kashmira for her session without getting choked up.

But come on — who wouldn’t? The girl in the story I was relating said to me about Kashmira Sheth and her book Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet, “tell her that this book is important, that she understands girls, and that she should never quit writing.” How often is any author going to get to hear that? Never quit writing???? That’s so great. Gets me every time. I considered cutting it out, but it’s such a nice story I couldn’t do it. And I got a hug for it and I’m a sucker for hugs.

And the title I was making fun of was Seeking Tranquility something something something, I can’t remember but it was really boring. These were not boring authors. It was Patricia Pfitsch, Deborah Lynn Jacobs, and Ann Angel. Their books aren’t even slightly boring and at least one of them has kept me up late at night because it was so scary. If they had been boring I would have considered keeping the title, although probably not, because who wants to be the boring person who introduces boring authors with a boring panel title. Not me.

I also went to James DeVita’s session, but I didn’t get to introduce him. Someone who is actually qualified to talk about things, she was from the ACLU I think, introduced him. In a very intelligent way. She did mention that I was giving out coupons for free books to teens and I got to stand and wave, which was fun because people can’t help smiling at you when you’re giving away free books.

I just hope that they forget about all of this and ask me again next year!

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  1. Hi Bridget. Your intro was fantastic. You warmed up the audience and got them laughing. I even forgive you for saying my best line before I had a chance–that there’s nothing tranquil about my books!
    Thanks for doing such a great job!

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