There’s Something About Chocolate Film Update

David, the Sound Guy, had some technical who-si-whatsits over the weekend that kept him from finishing the sound for the film. While I’m not quite sure what he’s talking about, I do have high hopes for the film getting finished today! It is only a small thing really to sacrifice one’s birthday for the greater good of film-making and I’m sure David will look back fondly and think, if only I worked my behind off to finish a film on my birthday every year. Here’s to David, sound guy, future Scooter Baron, and Sundance 608 film addict — Happy Birthday!

David Dale

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  1. Bridgie –
    I can’t wait to see the chocolate movie again, although I’m afraid it will go straight to my hips.

  2. Yes, I want to echo Bridget’s thanks to David! Maybe next film we’ll give you a 30 second glimpse of the sound-making process!

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