The Most Exciting Thing

Besides the Summer of Love, of course, is

Bridget Zinn Cupcake Day!

Yes, I have my own cupcake day.

I love it! Here are the details from Sweet Impressions:

Announcing a special fundraiser for Bridget May 10, 2010: All proceeds from Cupcakes purchased at Sweet Impressions (511 State Street; Madison) go to Bridget & Barrett to support them while they kick cancer. See for more information.

If you aren’t in Madison or aren’t inclined to eat cupcakes, Sweet Impressions has a great option for you, too! You can buy virtual cupcakes (a.k.a. karma cakes) and just send some money to help pay for some of the cancer-fighting treatments Bridget needs.

More details are available on facebook.

Thank you Bryce, Cristina, and everyone else who has helped put this together. We have the most awesome friends ever!

Love to you all,


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