The Happiest Buddha

I know a lot of you have already seen the happiest Buddha on facebook, butHappiest Buddha I wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to see him. I feel slightly guilty that he used to make the day of all of the shoppers in Port Townsend where he lived as a doorstop and now he just makes Barrett’s and my day living next to our fireplace. Doesn’t he make you smile?

The lovely Reiki practitioner that I work with (she’s awesome, check her out here) commented that it looks as though my happy Buddha is drawing energy down into his heart — I think she’s probably right and we can use all of the good energy in our house that we can get, but sometimes I just want to give him a high five.

In other news, I baked last week, something I’ve only been dreaming about doing for months. There’s something so enticing about baking — it makes your house smell great and there’s this feeling of transforming disparate pieces into an entirely new whole that’s like magic. I used a recipe for banana bread that I found online here. It uses agave nectar which I’ve been eager to try. I’m a big fan of most foods that are reputed to be gifts from the gods. It turns out that agave nectar is quite tasty and the banana bread got a thumbs up.

If my tech guy weren’t busy working at his other job, I would post pics of the cool things my talented and fabulous friends gave me for my birthday (as you can see from the Buddha above, my pic-taking is not quite up to Barrett’s standards). Carolyn and Adrienne both gave me homemade jam which are like jars full of edible sunshine and my friend Cyndi made this scarf that looks exactly like fudge ripple ice cream and there are more cool things, but without pics, I feel like I’m just taunting you and no one likes a taunter. I have no idea how I have been so lucky as to have fallen in with talented people who know how to make things (outside of banana bread which is about as much as I can do), but I am greatly enjoying the results.

And I have more news from my other talented and fabulous friends who have been helping to keep us out of debtor’s prison (which I have mentioned before is a grim and cakeless place) due to our surprise medical bills this year — an online auction run by Cailin and our friends in Madison. If you didn’t get a chance to be part of the fun of the last online auction, now’s your chance! Jone, who so generously ran the Portland online auction, sums it up all very nicely here. You can also see a picture of Barrett, myself, and cake.

I hope you are having a fabulous week!

Love to you all,


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  1. Well, that summing up is courtesy of your good friend Cailin who is doing th auction….but thank you…Barrett looks like he can’t wait for cake in that photo!!

  2. Hi Bridget!
    Last night we had an author visit at the library- Laura Shaefer, author of the Teashop Girls. You would love her. LOVE. And she said that the model on the cover of the book has naturall straight red hair, but they curled it for the photo shoot. Reminded me of you!

  3. There is no shame in making a mean banana bread, that is a wonderful skill to have. I agree, you would love Laura Schaefer, she just did a program at our library too, and she was fantastic. Hope your book covers turn out just as cool as hers did. Have a fabulous rest of your week!

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