The Girl Who Lived

My oncologist looks a lot like a less-hairy Dumbledore.

If we’re going to fight foes of darkness etc., a Dumbledore lookalike seems like a good guy to have on our Bridget Kicks Cancer team, don’t you think?

A team which is currently knocking my socks off–the auction is amazing! I had all of these big plans to highlight each totally awesome item so that people who hadn’t been to the site would be so enticed they couldn’t help but click on the link. Who wouldn’t want to NAME A PRINCESS IN A BOOK? Or have their VERY OWN name in a Jennifer Holm novel? Or have a piece of original Babymouse artwork? Or the gorgeous alternative Lips Touch cover up on their wall? And I really can’t say enough good things about Linda Freya and know you’ll love her meditation class so much it will change your life.

I could have spent the entire last week blogging several times a day about auction items and not run out of fun stuff to highlight. Unfortunately, I got sucked into chemo-land which involved two gorgeous sunshine-y days that I didn’t make it outside for (boo!), but, on the plus side, Barrett surprised me ON HIS BIRTHDAY with a manicure and pedicure which I had been lusting after since first hearing that they had them at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Barrett has never quite gotten the hang of the birthday thing–I have to work so hard to try and spoil that guy, I had to start two weeks ago to make sure he didn’t skimp on his birthday fun!).

I’m all sparkled up now with Ruby Pumps nail polish on my toes and some sort of glamorous red gel color on my fingers. I’m hugely fond of Ruby Pumps–It’s red, it twinkles, and is quite probably magical too.

Only one day left to participate in the auction and to help kick some cancer patootie!

Love to you all,


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