Thanksgiving Curry and Pie

Barrett is downstairs making the last of the feast we have planned. Indian food, mashed potatoes and pie are on the menu for Piesgiving this year. Last year we tried eating everything in pie form, but since Barrett and Matt took Indian cooking classes we decided to mix it up. As much as I love pie, an all pie meal was, well, a LOT of pie.

This week Barrett has been making little bits of our half of the meal every day–one night he made chutneys from scratch, even hacking open a coconut and scraping it out for his coconut chutney. Another night I entertained him while he made paneer which I could never do as it requires someone to stand at the stove and stir it for like an hour or something crazy. It seemed like forever. SO good though! This morning he’s working on some curries.

Our house smells delicious.

The auction is humming along–a huge, ginormous thank you to all of the planners, donars, and bidders!

I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday.

Love to you all,


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  1. I’m so impressed! Barrett seriously hacked open a coconut?! Amazing.

    Your piesgiving reminds me of a party I’ve always dreamed of– a wedge-a-tarian party, where all food is in a wedge shape. Drinks would be a challenge, but I’m sure there is a way to make them wedge shaped.

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