Sunday Siesta Special, June Twenty Something

Due to weather conditions and overwhelming laziness, the Friday Six has been replaced this week in favor of the Sunday Siesta Special.

 It’s actually hot here. I sort of thought maybe it never really got hot in Portland and despaired that my little sun dresses and sandals wouldn’t get any use and I’d never get that lacksadasical summer leisure feeling or  an excuse to take naps in the middle of the day. But it’s 99 right now, which is hot enough for me to definitely feel like I couldn’t possibly do something useful. Perfect.

It’s even warm in our apartment. Before today, even if it was on the warmish side elsewhere in Portland it would be chilly here. The cats took to burrowing under the covers. You’d find the bed looked maybe a bit lumpy or you wouldn’t notice anything at all until you dove onto it and little crushed cat meows came out from under the covers.
Hidden Away

Pumpkin in bed

I don’t know why it’s colder in our apartment but my brain has put together the view of snowy Mt. St. Helens out the window and the fact that cool breezes come through that window to mean that the cold is actually coming directly from Mt. St. Helens. Granted, I know it’s a bit far away, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. On the other side of our apartment, Forest Park has some kind of natural and nice smelling air conditioning that wafts into our apartment as well. Today though, for the first time, it’s actually warm enough in here for a siesta. Yes!

In keeping with the too hot to be believed theme, I read Devilish yesterday by Maureen Johnson. Nothing like a little glimpse of hell on a hot summer day. 

Now I must go back to my rigorous lounging schedule.

Have a great rest of your weekend!



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  1. I saw your post to the SCBWI-OR listserve and have been meaning to visit, but just now got here! Just wanted to stop by to say “Welcome to Portland.” Actually, I guess I can’t welcome you to Portland, since I physically live across the river in Vancouver, Washington, but we kinda claim Portland also! So maybe “Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!”

    I’ll be checking back with you often. I’m looking forward to seeing our area through new eyes.

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