Summer of Love

You are invited to Barrett and Bridget’s Summer of Love!

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We are finally continuing what we began with our wedding celebrations last spring with a whole summer full of love. Come join us at one of our parties!

If anyone with organizational skills in the Madison area would like to take charge of the volunteers for that event that would be awesome. We’re still caught up in kicking cancer (there’s just a little bit left — I say Out damn spot! We’re ready to move on to more fun adventures). With this distraction, I worry that I might end up suggesting everyone bring cake or something and forget to ask people to bring forks and then we’ll end up having to eat cake with our hands. So an organizing type person would be super fab.

We haven’t filled out details yet for our Portland event because the two earlier big events (and many small ones while we are in WI) is all we can handle right at the moment but we will update that page as soon as we can. We realize some Portlanders were at one of the weddings last year and are maybe so over celebrating it with us, BUT we promise it will be extra fun and worth the repeat. It was a small group out of necessity last year and we want to be able to celebrate with all of our PNW friends.

Fun times will be had.

Hope to see you all at one event or another!

With love,

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  1. Hi Bridget,

    I love the idea of “Summer of love” It makes me want to have fun and relax. I am trying to see if the 4th of July weekend works. I will let you know. In the mean time have fun, live life and eat cupcakes…

    Love and kisses,


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