Strangely Warm

It is strangely warm here in Portland. And the grass seems to be turning a more vibrant technicolor green by the day. Granted, my perspective is a bit off being from Wisconsin i.e. the coldest place on earth. No one here seems to think it’s warm and I’ve gotten a lot of funny looks when I’ve said it’s downright balmy and tropical.

That’s why it wasn’t even a big deal that our van broke down on the way to Thanksgiving. Or that we spent countless hours waiting for a tow truck only to wait countless more to have it towed somewhere else when the shop turned out to be closed the following day. It’s not so bad waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting when you are in no danger of freezing to death. Or using up all of the oxygen in the car because it’s so cold you refuse to crack the windows open.

There is always a bright side, right? Even though we now don’t have a vehicle to drive at all because the expense to fix the fan was over five times what the van is worth. Even though we are now spending countless more hours trying to find a reasonably priced car that won’t break down ever.

Who needs a vehicle when they have green grass (and aren’t in danger of freezing to death)???

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  1. Yeah, we have grass that goes dormant in the summer here. Back east the grass goes dormant in the winter. It’s one of those things that you’d always take for granted and never know about unless you’d lived in both places or studied horticulture. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your van. I hope you can find another car for a reasonable price.

  2. I also enjoyed the week of warmish and SUNNY weather. Sunny is so important here in the Portland area. And even though today is back to gray, I feel sun nourished. Should last a week or so.

    Sorry ’bout the van.

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