It was pointed out, quite rightly, that a parrot, even a sweetie-pie kakapo parrot would be a lot of work and need to be cleaned up after and taught not to be naughty etc. I concede this point and spent some time thinking up an answer to this dilemma, maybe the answer was obvious to everyone else, but I just this morning realized what I need: a kakapo butler. If my kakapo came with a butler, things would work out just fine.

Or I’ve taken too many pain killers and have no idea what I’m talking about.

One of the two.

It is SO good to be home, although Arizona was hitting an apex of beauty when we left. It’s a more reasonable temperature out now and there were flowers blooming.

Portland is just stunning though. I love this time of fall when the leaves are floating down and everything smells like earth and woodsmoke. The rainy days make huddling at home seem like a cozy, nice thing to do (which I’m forced to do anyway what with the whole “recovering from chemo” nonsense). And when the sun comes out it’s so golden and lovely.

If I can make it to getting dressed and getting in the car (I wouldn’t place any bets), Barrett promised to take me lotion shopping. As lovely as Arizona was, it takes its toll on the skin, plus dry skin is a chemo side effect so I’m getting it from all sides. Intervention is seriously needed.

Will give you an important lotion update as soon as possible.

Hope you’re enjoying fall!

Love to you all,

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  1. I’ve heard parrots described as spoiled 2year-olds who live a very very long time! Even with a butler it could be interesting.

  2. Um, Bridget, do you remember Mary from library school? She spent A LOT of time on her parrot. You would definitely need a parrot butler to put it to bed, turn on PBS, read to it, etc. I think parrots are very high maintenance.

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