So far, so good

Well the Fattening Up party was awesome. It was the greatest distraction and being around all of these people with positive energy was just what I needed. I would highly recommend having one even if you aren’t going through chemo. I don’t know who brought the VooDoo Donuts, but they were really good. I got my ice cream fix in too.

The whole sensitive to cold side effect — well, I sort of thought it was a crock. Seriously, how can some chemical that’s bad for cancer make you painfully sensitive to cold? But it is not a crock!! Not a crock at all. Super nasty pins and needles if you wash your hands in cold water, a bizarre sensation almost like you’ve swallowed Vix’s when you drink a slightly cool drink, and a balmy spring wind feels like the arctic. They said it should only last for a few days so it won’t put TOO much of a dent into my ice cream eating, but I’m definitely taking it slow.

So I’ve survived Day 1 of the first round of chemo and seem to be doing okay on Days 2 & 3 — they send the chemo home with you so you don’t have to hang out at the clinic for 48 hours. I don’t really see what they were thinking sending high tech equipment home with us, but so far, so good. It’s a very small piece of medical equipment so maybe we can handle it.

I’m looking for good books to read, if anyone has any suggestions. The books on tape are great, but now that I can read a bit better, I like to throw some regular books in the mix. My vision is getting better and better though not so great that I can drive — it’s like looking through a dirty window, but good enough to read some of the time (or at least I’m desperate enough to make it happen). To make it worth the trouble though, they have to be pretty gripping books — ones that draw me in to the point that I stop noticing the dirty screen between us.

Any recs? I know it’s early in the year for new books. I’d even consider reading a non–young adult novel, like maybe even an adult book, if it was written really really well.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring!


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  1. I second The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I couldn’t put it down.

    I’m so glad you’re doing well through your first few days of chemo. When my husband was going through it, I couldn’t BELIEVE all the medical things I learned how to do. Just a librarian, but I can work an IV pump, give injections, deal with veins that want to disappear. It’s amazing what you can learn and do when the circumstances are right.

  2. I see you are reading Lisa Yee’s book. She has donated a signed copy for the auction.
    It was great to see on Thursday. Laini is the voodoo lady with the donuts.
    So glad so far it is going well. Sending positive thoughts.

  3. Though you have probably read or heard of these I will suggest Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees and Pigs in Heaven. Someone light but funny is Jennifer Crusie, for instance Bet Me and Faking It. Thinking of you.

  4. Hi Bridget! I came over here from the Blueboards at Verla Kay’s website. I am sooo amazed at your attitude and energy and story in general — you are so inspiring, and believe me, I’m a cynical creature!

    When I saw you were looking for YA recs, my ears pricked up. I loved SAVING FRANCESCA and THE HUNGER GAMES. Also, I only have a teeny handful of ARCs for SHIVER, but if you want one, I will absolutely send you one.

    this is my email address if it sounds like something you’d like.

    You have the best friends! Thank you for blogging about all this — I know it can’t be easy!

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