RepossessedI’ve officially recommended REPOSSESSED by A.M. Jenkins to about the 500th person over the age of fourteen. It’s incredibly funny, the voice is strong, and the main character is strangely beguiling — he is, after all, the bad guy — a fallen angel who takes over someone’s body while on a little break from hell. Yet, he’s kind of loveable. Who knew?

Maybe it’s the way he appreciates every little drop of human experience, including such exciting things as walking down the street. And taking a shower. Eating breakfast. Taking fill in the bubble exams.

But what’s really hilarious is how Kiriel wants to have ALL of the human experiences he can fit into his short time on earth and doesn’t seem to understand why things don’t always work out the way he wants them to. He begins to wonder if he shouldn’t have chosen someone who was, say, nicer to people or who had a more interesting social life. Instead he’s stuck in Shaun’s body — a guy who ignores his mom, is mean to his little brother, has only one friend, and absolutely no chance with the ladies. Yet, even given these dyer circumstances all sorts of interesting things start happening in Shaun’s life with Kiriel at the helm.

Very fun read.

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