Permanent Rose and Other Interesting Things

rose I may have mentioned here before my great love for the Casson family from Hilary McKay’s novels starting with Saffy’s Angel. They have the whole oddball large family thing going for them — I don’t know that I’d want to have actually had siblings, but it’s fun to live vicariously. My absolute favorite character is Rose. She has this very sturdy way of looking at the world. When she mass produces her Valentines for everyone and her sister tries to tell her that she should make each one special by making them different she says something along the lines of, “This is how I do special.” Ha! So I was utterly thrilled to discover on Saints and Spinners that she has her own blog now! Yes, you can follow all of Rose’s fun times without having to wait for another book to come out.

Another blog I read called What Adrienne Thinks About That has great quotes from some of the Newbery winners that you might want to check out. The quotes are very well selected — if you haven’t read the books yet, you’ll get a feel for them.buffyseason8

I’m currently waiting for the rest of the ALA Award winners and honors I didn’t get a chance to read this year to come in at the library. In the meantime I’ve been catching up on the Season Eight graphic novels of Buffy the Vampire Slayer since I’ve finally finished the series. They’re pretty good — the voice is true to the show. If you’re a Buffy fan but haven’t read a whole lot of graphic novels but would like to this would be a good place to start. The characters are familiar and you get so sucked in you forget that you’re reading and looking at drawn images — it feels like you’re watching tv. I kept just about talking to Barrett about something in the stories and then remember that we hadn’t actually watched them together and he was at a different place in the novels than I was. In other words I kept JUST ABOUT spoiling them for him. Eek!

I also just read Life Sucks — it’s a graphic novel that’s sort of like the movie Clerks with vampires and a touch of John Green-esque nerdy boy meets hot girl. It sounds strange but it’s worth checking out.


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  1. I also dearly love those Buffy comics, although I hate the long… spaces… in… between… issues. I’m not used to reading single-issue comics; I want MORE of the story at once. But then I’m also not patient enough to wait for them to be gathered together and issued in graphic novel format. So I read the single issues.

  2. This is real synchronicity. I was just reading another review about one of the Casson family books on another blog, and decided to add the series to my list – and now reading your post, I realize that Permanent Rose is part of the series, and I have this book on my shelves! Just haven’t read it yet, but I’m definitely going to pull it off the shelf and onto my TBR pile. Thank you!

  3. I’m rereading the Casson family novels! I started the Buffy comics for season eight, but like Adrienne, I found the gaps between publication maddening. So, I’ll just wait, because it’s just too little story spread out over too much time otherwise. Life Sucks was quite good, though, and I’m usually not a graphic novel fan. (No, I’m not a snob for the written word! I just do better when the pictures are in my head.)

    By the way, my husband and I are reading aloud Beverly Cleary books to our daughter. My husband is doing the Ramona series (as he hasn’t read them prior to this time) and I just finished Ellen Tebbits. We need to visit Klickitat Street and Tillamook Street now.

  4. I’m just waiting for the third Buffy graphic novel to come in at the library and it looks like #4 is coming out soon too — so I’m not at the waiting for every issues stage yet, Adrienne and Farida! Now I’m glad I waited so long to finish watching Buffy. Farida, I’m so glad you all are reading the Beverly Cleary books. Aren’t they fab? I’ve re-read a couple recently and they totally take me back. She’s so naughty but she TRIES to be good. You should definitely come visit the neighborhood!
    Belle, I’m glad you’re going to pick up the Casson family novels! They’re so fun.
    Lisa, I think Permanent Rose is my favorite, although the character does make quite an impact in Indigo’s book.

  5. I really wish there’s a drama or a movie of this casson family series.I just wish it might really happen:)

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