Patricia MacLachlan, Espresso Cookies, and Pumpkin Bread

Patricia MacLachlanPatricia MacLachlan was a great Charlotte Zolotow lecturer, telling stories I’m sure would make her children cringe but brought down the house (so to speak, this was an academic lecture no one threw confetti or anything — maybe I’ll bring some next year and see how it goes over) and welcomed everyone into her family, even those of you who weren’t there, which is really very nice unless you are uncomfortable with the idea of having your words immortalized forever which her son claims she does to her family all of the time.
Patricia’s dry humor might just make up for it — she has the most fabulous voice and knows how to pause in just the right places when she tells a story.

CCBCThe pre-CZ lecture party for CCBC Friends members was super fun and DELICIOUS. I’m so glad I got to try checkerboard espresso cookies at it because I’ll never have the patience to make them myself. Shawn Brommer is a woman of many talents. And the pumpkin bread! Definitely worth the $20 to become a CCBC Friends Member.

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