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It has been a year since we’ve had a television. I can’t say that I’ve missed it much. I mean, we HAVE a computer (or three). It isn’t like we are devoid of entertainment. LOTS of shows are out on DVD which the library gives to us for free, along with movies, books on tape and all sorts of entertaining things. Plus, now there’s hulu, iTunes and youtube etc. TV’s are so last century.

Samuel PepysBut… suddenly there are all of these HISTORIC EVENTS going on. And we are missing out. We’re like those people who only read secondary source documents. We are anti-Pepys. We just read about the Olympics from other people who watch them. Read about Obama’s speech last night from other people who watched it. You can catch like a snippet of live video maybe here or there, but even then, it’s only after the fact.

Is missing out on historic events enough to actually break down and buy a tv? For the couple of times a year we’d need one?

Of course, there is the small issue of Barrett working for the television industry. I suppose it would be nice if he actually had access to a television.


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