Our Big Adventure

We made it! Port Townsend, WA — four whole hours away from Portland. We’d planned this big adventure and doubted if it would ever happen — four hours might not seem like much, but when I kept popping into the Emergency Room here and there for one thing or another, it seemed like an impossibility that I would be able to travel that far away. But we made it — with lots of snacks and a well-packed emergency kit.

I’m at the end of the chemo cycle and really fairly functional (compared to earlier in the chemo cycle when I seem capable of not much outside of eating excessive amounts of food and sleeping). I even drove for little bit! My eye doctor finally cleared me and I thought I should give it a try on these country roads where there aren’t little kids running around in the street playing or biking while talking on cell phones like they are in our neighborhood in Portland. I’d forgotten just how complex driving is — who can look at their speedometer AND look out for deer and hippies in the road? When I passed a police officer I was sure I was going to get pulled over, but I looked down and it turns out I was going the exact speed limit. Huzzah!

Port Townsend has been great — nice to get a change of scenery from the usual although honestly, Portland does not fail to entertain without ever having to leave your front porch. We even had a night-time bike parade with lights and music go by last week. Plus, there are all of the construction workers with their stories about dogs and sushi who work at the giant house across the street where they are building some sort of giant outdoor garden structure the purpose of which is unclear except to give me something new to look at.

We’ve hit all our usual faves in Port Townsend like D’Amour’s Bakery, the bookshops, Farmer’s Market and the Rose Theatre where we saw the scariest movie ever — I don’t remember what it was called but Johnny Depp was in it and there were a lot of gun shots and the theatre is so small that the shots were extra loud and I jumped every time one went off. We’ve also taken in quite a bit of Fiddletunes which is a big celebration of Celtic music and its many incarnations. V. exciting stuff for someone who spends so much of their time doing the important but uneventful job of sitting and healing.

The rummage sale in Madison last weekend was a huge booming success — thank you to everyone who was involved. You guys are awesome!

I hope you all are having fabulous holiday weekends!

Hugs and kisses,


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  1. So great that you finally made it to your dad’s. That must have been a great adventure for you. We should all appreciate the small things in life.

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