Not As Crazy As I Thought

It is true that your body likes to make baby white blood cells in your lower hips and rear end area. Ha! I wasn’t completely out of my mind. Of course, this time around, I’m feeling it in my shoulders too which doesn’t make any sense. Maybe they ran out of room down there?

Other good news, besides me not being crazy (at least not concerning my achy bottom), is that my tumors are, in fact, shrinking. Woo hoo! All of the throwing up etc. has not been for nought. I swore I felt cancer cells putting up a fight in there as they died off, so I’m not at all surprised. I just wish they’d go more quietly and slip away to find another incarnation as a nice flower or something.

So far, this round of the blood-boosting hulk shot has gone better — still a bit sleepy, but I’ve started going to acupuncture and, while it doesn’t get me dancing on tables or anything terribly exciting, it definitely gets me upright and moving around. Maybe dancing on tables will come after my next session.

I’ve mentioned before that we have awesome friends and they keep getting more and more awesome and I haven’t even put up pics of all of the cool stuff people have sent me like the quilt my writers group with SCBWI-WI made for me or thanked all of the people, including SCBWI-OR and lots and lots of friends and writer friends, for helping us out with the astronomical expense of trying to beat cancer. So many people have stepped in to help us. My next job, after this Staying Alive job is successful, will be as a thank you card writer.

There’s an event in Madison this week to help us out and here is the blurb from facebook that I stole from Cailin who I think stole it from Kristin:

Rummage: a benefit for Bridget & Barrett. It is a super awesome garage sale that we are having Fri Jun 26th & Sat Jun 27th from 8 am to 5 pm at 4001 Drexel Ave (near Cottage Grove Rd and Monona Dr) to help raise money so Bridget can kick the cancer without worrying about the stupid bills. All we need is for all you Madison folks to help! Donate stuff to sell (send me a message) & come buy, buy, buy!

Aren’t they fabulous?

I hope everyone is having a great week!


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  1. Wow, you can really feel the cells. I think of you often and your bright attitude. I’m so glad those nasty tumors are shrinking.


  2. excellent news, bridget! i can’t believe how magnanimous you are to those nasty cancer cells, wishing them nice afterlives and all. that’s all fine and good as long as they get the heck out of YOU. here’s to dancing on tables in the near future–cailin

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