Lots of Holiday Cheer

V. exciting news — we bought a new car and we’re moving!!! Yes, we don’t like to do things slowly around here. I also started my new job as an on call librarian and interviewed for another librarian job. All action, all the time.

Thanks to everyone for their regrets about the red van. It was a good van and helped us with the move to Portland. But we are moving on to a new vehicle, a little car I like to call… the Green Bomber! It is green and it is cool and it is going to make us v. v. happy. There has been some question about the name — Green Bomber? Why, Bridget, why would you choose such a violent name when you are such a peaceful non-combative type person?

The answer is very simple: because I want to be Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows. My #1 idol regarding automobiles. He is so so cool. And what does Mr. Toad do? (Besides getting arrested and cross-dressing) He bombs around the countryside in his auto! He doesn’t go tooling about or even ripping around — he bombs. That is my plan for the near future.

The other exciting news is that we’re moving and not to just any old neighborhood in Portland — we’re moving to the BEST neighborhood in Portland. Two blocks away from Klickitat St and not too far from where Beverly Cleary grew up. We’ll be able to walk through her old stomping grounds EVERY SINGLE DAY and see all sorts of landmarks that are in her books!! How could we be so lucky? Maybe some of her writerly wonderfulness will start to rub off. Not that I’m going to start writing chapters books or anything, but she did write some very early YA. All romances, all very concerned with dresses i.e. the best kind of YA.

To get into the holiday spirit I’m also currently reading Let It Snow by the super awesome YA trio of Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle (Lauren is first author to critique me at a conference and who is so sweet I even went back to the conference again the following year). It’s a fun book full of romance though currently the only fashion I’ve heard of is tin foil suits which is a far cry from Cleary’s poplin dresses and pink raincoats, but I hold out hope.

For even MORE holiday cheer, you should look up at the top header of my site. If you normally read this in a reader, you’ll need to click through. My web genius has made falling snow and a super awesome train (which he made himself) that glides by with presents. It is very soothing.*


*Soothing until you find out that I am the one driving it. Those web geniuses and their tricky photoshop magic!

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  1. I should have read your most recent post before commenting on the last one. Oops. Well, congratulations on your new car. Are you going to say, “Poop, poop” when you drive it? I am thrilled about your new neighborhood. My husband is reading the Ramona books aloud to our daughter. I’ve read them many times, and this is a chance for both of them to experience the stories for the first time. Meanwhile, I’m reading the early Betsy-Tacy books aloud to our daughter. They’re very girly!

  2. Farida, I will definitely be shouting “poop, poop” Mr. Toad-style as I drive it! Does your daughter like Ramona? I love her. She was SO naughty and easy to relate to. 🙂
    I’m glad you like the holiday header, Lisa!

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