Kitten Catastrophe

Last night I had a kitten nightmare.

Don’t get me wrong, I love kittens. In fact, I may have even mentioned to Barrett once or twice the cat conversations I’ve overheard Harpo and Pumpkin having about how they were at that point in their relationship that it might be time to adopt a baby kitten. And wanting to be fully supportive of my adult neutered male cats in expanding their cat family, I may have even spent some time googling “bengal kittens” and playing bengal kitten YouTube videos on the tv when Barrett is in the room as he is the one who actually takes care of the creatures (and girls) who live in this house.

Not that I don’t think Harpo and Pumpkin would take care of a kitten—I’m sure it would be a very clean kitten.

But last night’s nightmare kittens were not like our cats or the sweet kittens on YouTube.

They weren’t cuddly AT ALL.

In my dream, my home became infested with wild street kittens like the kind I think the oddly chubby cat I’ve seen out the window might be having soon. I wanted to get them all to good homes so I decided we needed to get them into boxes so that we could take them to a no-kill shelter, but every time I got some into a box and went to get more, they’d just pop right back out.

Cat were everywhere, I couldn’t find the phone number for the no-kill shelter, and I couldn’t keep any kittens in the box. There were cats in the kitchen, cats in the bathroom, cats under the stairs, and in all the nooks in crannies in the basement. Some were jumping up to try and catch the tassles on the ceiling fan, some were batting around my shoelaces, some were racing around inside the shower, and there were even cats trying to drink out of the kitchen sink.

And instead of rubbing against my hand when I reached for them, they’d shy away.

Shy away!!!!

Some even went so far as to hide behind things when they saw me coming. So not only did we have wild kittens everywhere, they were wild kittens that I was sure were going to be a bad influence on our cats and then NO CATS at our house would want to cuddle.

This was turning into a very, very bad nightmare.

Thankfully, I woke up and found Pumpkin warming our feet and Harpo in the crook of Barrett’s arm.

Right where they should be.

Love to you all,


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  1. This reminds me of the part in Millions of Cats when the millions of cats all “disappeared,” aside from the one the couple decided to keep.

    I had this weird dream the other week where for some reason, I decided to put one of my cats into another cat’s body. I can’t remember how I managed this in my dream, but I do remember being HORRIFIED in my dream after it was done because it was like my cat was gone. I don’t know what’s going on in my life that made that dream happen.

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