Kidlit Bloggers Conference 2008

Wow. The Kidlit Bloggers Conference on Saturday was awesome! A lot of super fun bloggers and writers, a lot of great information, and plenty of new blogs to read. The food wasn’t even too bad. Hurray for conference planners who like vegetarians and don’t feel like it’s okay if we starve, knock off, and quit bothering them (not that I’m insinuating anything about other conference planners out there, but I have been known to bribe nuns to sneak me a pizza at a conference. To keep my strength up).

I didn’t realize how many kidlit bloggers there were out there or how strong of a community it was. Great discovery. I also had no idea there were so many Portland Kidlit people — I knew a few Portlanders there, but it was great to see there were more than I’d ever imagined.

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  1. Hi Bridget,

    Glad you had a good time at the conference and met some fellow Portlanders. (Just don’t forget about us Wisconsinites!)

    Love the new pic!

  2. Hi Johanna! It was so nice meeting you on Saturday. I hope you get your blog up soon. Let me know if you’re having any tech issues trying to get it implemented, not that I’m an expert, but I might be able to help. It’s great getting to know more people in Portland!
    And, Judy, you don’t have to worry, I could never forget my Wisconsinite friends. You made Barrett’s day with your comment about the pic. I have been lacking in a certain level of enthusiasm over the change (much stomping etc.).

  3. Bridget,

    It was nice meeting you at the conference and talking to you about freezing rain. šŸ™‚ Hope you have a warm, dry winter and maybe we’ll meet again at a SCBWI conference or a local kidlit fiesta.

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