Jennifer Crusie May Have Saved My Life

Or at least my sanity. Jennifer Crusie’s Tell Me Lies* came in from the library right before we left for vacation and I saved it for the trip home. Thank god! There was a snow thing going on in Minneapolis and we spent A LOT of time circling. If I hadn’t had something good to read, I don’t think I would have made it.

I discovered Jennifer Crusie through the weirdest twisted way possible — I was reading Maureen Johnson’s blog which linked to insideadog where she was guest blogging which linked to her agent’s website which had a list of all of the authors that the agency really likes, some of which I’d read, but of the ones I hadn’t there was the gleaming name of Jennifer Crusie. I immediately checked Agnes and the Hitman out of the library and it cracked me up! Her style is quirky — both of her books I’ve read have these slightly nutty southern women and a lot of descriptions of food which I appreciate. Agnes and the Hitman and Tell Me Lies are funny mystery/romances — she does this genre really well!

So thank you Jennifer Crusie for saving my life!


*added later — Jennifer Crusie is an adult author. There will be sex in her books. Thanks for asking for the clarification, Judy!

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