I’ve Got Sunshine

Since we moved into this house back in October, I’ve been trying to come around to the purple bedroom. I LIKE purple, plus it’s good feng shui and everything.

But it made our room so very, very dark.

Like living in a cave.

A purple Barney cave.

Last week, we couldn’t take it anymore.

We got out our little Devine paint sample sheets and started narrowing down our color choices. We didn’t want any of the colors that are downstairs—green, brown, and theoretical red (we haven’t painted that room yet), because we wanted it to feel like a retreat. No one wants to be subconsciously pushed into thinking about taxes in bed because their bedroom is the same color as their office.

Light was definitely important—no more cave! We wanted something cheerful and sunny, a color that makes you smile when you see it.

We sampled three different colors:

Devine Le Pot D’Or, a goldie gold

Devine Blue, which sounds boring but looks like a bright blue sky on a sunny day

Devine Cream, a creamy yellow

Devine Cream won.

I am completely in love with this color—it’s like that organic Irish butter you buy in the foil packet. Buttery, sunny, warm. It’s not too bright or too pastel.


Tomorrow is our second wedding anniversary—huzzah! We’d planned to celebrate, but our plans have been smashed to bits. One naughty abdominal tumor is rebelling out of control and we must take action fast which means going back to one of those hardcore chemos that worked so well before. It’s been long enough since I was last on it that I should be able to handle the toxicity and since we had so much success before it got too toxic (loss of feeling in my fingers and toes), we think it’ll get in there and kick some tumor behind. We’re mixing it up with a couple of new drugs too so it might work even BETTER than it did last time.

And, of course, the treatment is starting tomorrow. On our wedding anniversary. Any sooner and the insurance wouldn’t have gone through yet, any later and this nasty little tumor would have that much more time to cause trouble.

This is what we get for getting married in the hospital! Hospital/Anniversary Karma. (If you’ve forgotten the wedding saga, Lee Wind posted a super sweet blog about the whole thing way back when and he quotes me telling the story, but I can’t find my quote amongst my own stuff.)

This chemo treatment is only for the short term. My new doctor is awesome and has a PLAN! A long-range plan, no less. With a future that involves some more innovative and less harsh treatments.

I’m ordering lots of light books from the library and getting prepared for the big hit. Maybe it won’t be so bad this time?

At the very least, I have a super awesome sunshiney bedroom to come home to!

Love to you all,


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  1. I love the Devine Cream! It looks fantastic. I especially love it with the white trim… I’ve always loved that combo. Good luck tomorrow! Show that tumor who’s boss!

  2. What a beautiful, sunny room.
    Bummer about the timing of chemo… but you can’t sit by when tumors get uppity. Gotta smack-em down hard.
    I like the sound of your awesome new doctor and the long range plan.

  3. I love the buttery goodness…sorry I don’t live closer – you know I love to play trading spaces and paint!

  4. Hi Bridget!
    For some reason I’m unable to post or send messages right now on my Facebook acct so hoping to reach you this way! Yes, let me bring you by some tasty vegetarian food while you are on the mend. I can check my fbook messages, just can’t seem to respond suddenly so email your phone number and best times/days to bring you by meals. Sending a hug!

  5. Hi Bridget,
    I just caught up to this. Love the bright sunny color – such a great reflection of your joy and energy! Keep the light flowing, and know how many of us are cheering you on.

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