It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

There is no humidity in Portland in the summer. As a matter of fact, there doesn’t seem to be much humidity in the winter either possibly because we have the heat on all of the time drying up that luscious, rainy air.

I had no idea that humidity was something that I needed.

Until I bought a humidifier. Now that I am breathing air that is like little poofs of heaven and I know what happiness is, I realize just how much I love humidity.

It happens that I am on some drugs that cause dryness–my fingers are all wrinkled up and the bottom layer of my feet recently cracked off.

But who cares about such trivialities as finger tip loveliness and having intact feet? Barely a bother really.

What really gets me is the nose.

In the past when I’ve complained of schnoz-related issues, some people, whose names I will not mention (Jeremy), suggested, and this is so gross I can barely type the words, a device known as the natty pot. Yes, that thing filled with some sort of liquid that you stick up your nose and expect to have drain out the other side.

Have we learned nothing from the peas????

Don’t stick objects up your nose. This is wisdom.

And sticking something up your nose EXPECTING STICKY, NASTY THINGS TO COME OUT???

What twisted individual came up with this idea?

That guy who invented chemo?

Back in the day, before my nose dryness trouble, that first breath of air in the morning was scrumptious–all silky, velvety and smelling of hot cinnamon toast and a steaming cup of Scottie B.

Lately, my first breath of air in the morning has been so painful that I sit upright in bed vigorously NOT screaming. Because my nose is so dry and sensitive that the first breath of air is like lighter fluid to the flame inside my nose.

Where fire ants have set up a penal colony.

Not just fire ants having fire parties, delinquent fire ants having fire parties.

I mentioned this to my fabulous reiki practioner at the Chiyu Center who casually suggested a humidifier.

So I gave it a whirl. While the fire ants have not completely vacated the residence, they are now much pacified by the heavenly poofs of moistoned air gliding over them.


Hope you’re having a great week!

Love to you all,


Photo Credit: Zaser

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  1. You want humidity? Move to Maryland. Or, come visit us in Maryland! We can give you all the humidity you want and need, without the electricity bill.

    Take care!

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