Is Summer Really Over?

It doesn’t seem possible that summer is over. It’s warmer and sunnier than ever, we went to the beach last weekend, AND I haven’t seen a single student around. We definitely aren’t in Madison any more.

Yet I just read Lois Lowry’s blog from over two weeks ago and she claims summer is over and I can’t argue with a Newbery winner/author of my favorite childhood books (Anastasia Krupnik 4 EVR!)

When does it start to feel like fall here? Will there be some crunchy leaves soon?

I am still in love with the beach. The ocean is so fabbity fab fab — all sparkly and lovely with lots of waves smashing etc.

I did learn something on my trip to the beach at the co-op in Manzanita which I’m sharing so that you will not make the same mistake that I did. The magazine Bark? Yeah, it’s actually written FOR dogs, not so much for the OWNER of dogs. BARKI mean, sure, they have a headline or two that appears to be written for the owner, but the big headline that looked so interesting to me: “What Kind of Dog Are You?” is not at all what I thought it was. I was all excited to take some kind of quiz to find out what kind of dog I’d be if I were a dog, BUT NO, the article was for mutt DOGS to find out what kind of dog they are. So so disappointing. Maybe I need to make my own quiz! What kind of dog would you be?

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