I Don’t Know Why Canada Isn’t Sexy

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when toes come out of hiding.

Realizing that if I was going to break out the sandals, I was in desperate need of new nail polish I went online yesterday in a frenzied search for the Perfect Nail Color for the Summer of 2010.

I have pastels like the soft pink Aphrodite’s Nighty and brights like the ultra-red Vodka and Caviar.

What I was looking for was something in between.

A little peachy, a little pink, but with some verve.

For those of you not into nail polish, the company that makes the nail polish I like has collections based on “themes” that come out every so often that they design their colors around. Then they give the polish clever names that go with this theme that make them ever so alluring. Often they use exotic places as their theme. My favorite red Vodka and Caviar comes from the Russian collection of polish which has an opulent, luxurious feel. Other popular collections based on places are La Collection de France and Coleccion De Espana.

After much searching, I found what I was looking for — The Perfect Nail Color for the Summer of 2010.

Which is when I discovered that Canada is not sexy.

Maybe I should have taken a hint when I saw that the names are not opulent or luxurious, but have names like Nice Color, Eh?

It’s cold there, JUST LIKE RUSSIA.

And they speak French, JUST LIKE FRANCE.

I can’t think of anything in common with Spain, but I had no idea that Canada was so freaking unpopular.

While you can get most nail polish from just about any beauty supply store online at a discounted rate with FREE SHIPPING, the Canadian line? Only available at like two sellers for more money than anyone should pay for nail polish plus shipping which pretty much doubles the already-too-much price.

Why Canada, must you be so un-sexy that NO ONE wants to carry your nail collection?

Why must I yearn for and not be able to justify buying the Perfect Nail Color for the Summer of 2010 just because it is named Niagara Falls?


Back to searching,

Love to you all,


P.S. For the record Canada, I’m on your side.

P.P.S. Have put a Canada is Sexy bumper sticker on my car.

P.P.P.S. Go Canada!

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