Health Tips from Children’s Books

1) Half-Magic by Edward Eager. Wish for twice as much as what you want. This might sound greedy but if you get stuck with only having half-magic and you wish for full health you might end up only half-cured as has happened to me recently.

2) The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Drink milk, eat homemade baked goods, and get a large dose of fresh moor air. Take that anti-dairy/anti-wheat naturopaths! Not sure where to get moor air in Portland. Might have to make due with rainy air.

3) Heidi by Johanna Spyri. Again with the milk and fresh air. Can’t get enough of it.

4) Paddington Bear by Michael Bond. Grumpy people rarely get sick. Sure, mean, old Mr. Curry might get a little cold now and then, but it’s sweetie pie Paddington who ends up getting hit hard with the dreaded influenza. Being unnecessarily grumpy pays off. I think having a cane or a stick to wave around angrily could be beneficial.

While I am out on our front porch getting fresh air, drinking milk, and eating homemade baked goods, I might as well keep a sharp eye out for the person who lets their dog poop on our lawn so I can wave my stick at them. This dog issue is a new (and horrible) development.

New Healthy To Do List:

–buy milk and/or cow

–bake something

–find stick

–get an attitude

–make ginormous wishes

Grumpily yours,


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  1. I will wish double health for you, since I can’t be there to provide any homemade baked goods.

    Also, you should probably just stick with buying milk at the store. If you think the dog poo is bad, wait until you see what a cow puts in the yard.

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