Happy St. Bridget’s Day, Site Launch, and a Gratuitous Photo of Cake

Happy St. Bridget’s Day!! Or Happy Day After St. Bridget’s Day, depending on when you observe the holiday. Yesterday we feasted on some St. Bridget’s Day sushi and tonight I think we’ll celebrate with a nice toasty fire.

I also wanted to let you know about the launch of E.M. Kokie’s website, Barrett’s latest project. It’s gorgeous. Check it out!

We’ve had a lot of out-of-town visitors in the past few months, but sadly have taken very few photos. There is not a photo, for example, of my cousin Julie trying to order us two pastries at the Mexican bakery and instead almost ordering us two entire trays of pastries. I was getting nervous when they started going for the big boxes. I mean, I’m sure we could have handled it if we’d really had to, but it would have been a challenge eating that many pastries all at once, no matter how tasty. They were really BIG trays.

What I did take a photo of (many, many photos actually) was the cake that Rosie made (for readers of drafts of Poison, that’s Rosie my childhood friend, not Rosie, the wee enchanted pig from my book).

Isn’t it the most scrumptious looking cake ever?

I hope everyone in the blizzard is staying warm!

Love to you all,


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  1. Happy St. Bridget’s day, indeed! This is the date my grandma gave as her birthday when she came to America, because she didn’t actually know her birthday but her name was Bridget so it was as good a date as any. 🙂

    That cake looks amazing. Take care!

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