Friday Six Special Wisconsin Addition! April 4

I’m posting six extra great things about Wisconsin to even out last week’s Oregon post. I don’t want Wisconsin to feel neglected!

1) The Cooperative Children’s Book Center. Could this be the greatest place on earth?

2) SCBWI-WI. We have a kick ass regional chapter.

3) My Writers Group. Previously, not everyone would get to appreciate my writers group so it wouldn’t have been fair to post. But now they’re popping up all over online so everyone can enjoy their wonderfulness. Judy has a super fun blog and writes about everything from writing retreats to new toilets. 🙂 Kashmira has a blog where she talks about her writing and books. Michael has a website with some of his illustrations. Melinda and Rosanne have a blog together where they talk about health and food. Aiden and Julianna are on jacketflap. Plus, you can enjoy Kashmira’s books and Aiden’s book, and pretty soon Michael’s illustrations for Raven Tree Press, and the rest will have books out soon and then everyone can enjoy their writing as much I have for the past four years. I guess that just leaves Emily in my other writers group as the online holdout — but she has some kind of investigator job and I think she might work for the Ministry of Magic so possibly she needs to keep a low profile. You know how those Ministry types are.

4) Cheese. I really do love cheese. *sigh*

5) Great librarians. There are so many cool librarians in Wisconsin! Some of them are featured in the movie The World’s Fastest Librarian. Yes, the guy with the “M” painted on his forehead who’s so excited about the shelving competition that he rips his sign with his teeth is a librarian! Quite possibly in your neighborhood.

6) The guy who used to play bagpipes on the bike path on my way to work downtown. So much better than that snake guy. Why would anyone want to bike by a guy with a giant snake wrapped around his neck??????

Have a great weekend!


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