Friday Six! May 23

We’re counting down to our last two weeks in Madison now and this week “lasts” were coming around like crazy.

The lasts (for now anyway):

1) Last CCBC Book Discussion — the books were so depressing this month too! Three of them were about war and one of them was a kidnapping/creepy guy story. I’ve been going for five solid years. I don’t think I’ve missed more than maybe one a year and even then I read the books just so I could keep up. I picked up the list for next month, but I don’t know. I always went because it’s a great experience and great people, AND I read a lot of books (ten a month) I wouldn’t have read otherwise. Which is just it — now I don’t have any reason to read them. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! I can read whatever I want!!! No more depressing books!!!!! I’m feeling an exhilarating sense of freedom. Without the CCBC Book Discussion discipline am I going to disintegrate into a chic lit only bum???? I’m sure after one month, I’ll be all okay, I’ll read them even though they might kill me. Maybe I can find other writers and librarians who talk YA and children’s books in Portland. There must be something like that, right?

Melinda signing the umbrella2) Last in person writers group with my larger critique group (we really need a name). I love my group! They were all sneaky and got there early to put quotes on and sign a gigantic umbrella (thanks, Georgia, for the photos!). I can’t live without them so I’m going to keep participating electronically. It won’t be the same though — I’m going to miss them!

3) Last walk down the lakeshore path. I went before the CBCC Book Discussion. This shouldn’t be a big thing, as I only go down once or twice a year now, but my first residence in Madison was in a dorm on the lakeshore path, so we’ve spent some time together.

4) Last book checkouts at MPL. I’m returning all of MPL’s books back to them, except for a couple to get me through until just before we leave. I had to buy three books to get me through the flight out there — I hope they last until I can get a library card in Portland.

5) Last time writing at the Ancora on Monroe St., my favorite coffee shop in Madison.

6) Then there are all the lasts I missed because I didn’t know they were going to be lasts. Last storytime, last outreach, last SCBWI-WI event (as a current WI resident — I plan to fly back for them when I can because SCBWI-WI rocks!), last farmer’s market, last bike ride downtown… so, so strange. Even if we come back, things will definitely be different — we’ll be practically different people.

Have a great weekend!


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