Friday Six, June 6, Last Friday In Madison!!!

I’m super excited about moving to Portland, but I’m not so sure that the cats are crazy about the whole moving thing.

1) We’ve been getting rid of all of THEIR things, like the bed and the couch (which we were allowed to occasionally borrow).

2) They had to go to the vet to get a travel exam.

3) We’re selling the house which we bought on Pumpkin’s birthday and he seems to think it’s his.

Pumpkin Hugging His House

4) There aren’t any laps to sit on because we’re constantly packing/cleaning/moving things around (Goodwill things in one spot, garbage and recycling in another, To Pack in another, Not Quite Sure in a couple).

5) The only cozy place to sleep is the clean laundry basket. Harpo Hiding

6) And they don’t even know about the four hour drive to Minneapolis next Monday or the four hour plane ride on Tuesday. Yikes! Poor kitty cats.

Harpo and Pumpkin Moving

Have a great weekend!


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