Friday Six, Favorite Portland Things (so far), June 20

Forest Park1) Forest Park. I saw it on the map and thought it looked kind of cool before we moved here, but I had no idea how quickly you could feel like you were in the middle of the wilderness when you walked in. We were both blown away the first time. Here’s a pic. I’m not sure if you can get the feel of how amazing it is, but you’ll have to trust me. I grew up in the woods and know of what I speak. 🙂 These are some fine woods.

2) Grocery stores. I love being able to walk and get my groceries for the day every day. And they’re super great stores too. One in particular, City Market, has almost all of the foods I love most in the world in it. It’s like they took a visit inside my head, found my favorite foods, and stocked the store accordingly. Racks of good chocolate, an olive bar with the most vibrant olives I’ve ever seen, fresh local fruit and veggies, a cheese counter with smarty pants staff, it has it all. 

3) Bread. Super crusty bread. Yes! Here’s a sampling:

4) Roses. There are roses everywhere! Outside my window, along all the streets. I’ve never seen so many roses in my life. 

5) Movie theatres. They are really into movie theatres here — fancy new ones, old fashioned ones, casual ones with great snacks, and every other kind you can think of. We’ve only been to one and I think it was digital or something, all I can tell you is that when the hulk was stomping around, I FELT it.

6) The ocean is SO close. We took a trip yesterday that we normally would have saved up for for ages what with the cost of a flight and a place to stay and everything. And yesterday we just went off to the beach on a whim and were home in time for dinner.


Unfortunately, bookstores and the library, two of my favorite things in life, aren’t on the list yet. I have a library card, but nothing has come in for me yet, so I can’t comment. It’s only six blocks from our place though so there is definitely potential. And since I don’t have a job or an income at this point, I’ve been avoiding the bookstore temptation. Let’s hope the library is a fabulous one! Or I get an income soon. Both would be the best!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. O.K. Movie theaters… now it sounds like a cool place! Sounds like you guys are settling in nicely, so where are the pictures of your place and these roses I keep hearing about?

  2. You definitely have to post some pics of those roses you keep talking about. I need visuals! Lovely beach. WAH! I want to live near the ocean, too. Not soggy, half underwater Wisconsin. Hope the library is a good one and you meet Ursula soon. 🙂

  3. Hello!!!
    Got caught up on your blogs! They are really funny! The pictures are a very nice touch, too…….even the x-rated one!
    Love, Gloria

  4. Oh, David, of course, I couldn’t hook you until I mentioned the movie theatres. I’ll post some links to them soon to further entice you.
    There are tons of roses here, you guys, I swear! Even falling down ramshackle houses have them. I’m working on some rose photos, I think I’ll have to use the ones Barrett took, mine have been turning out a bit smudgy possibly because I keep shooting them from inside the house through the screen and I never remember the camera when I’m out walking.
    So far I have not yet become BFF with Ursula Le Guin, despite the fact that I live in her neighborhood. The whole not actually having met her yet is putting a huge obstacle on our becoming best friends.

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