Friday Six, April 25

1) I just discovered Bumble and Bumble — the nicest smelling bestest ever hair products. Where have you been all my life?

2) Kevin Henkes book release party for Bird Lake Moon was last night. It was lovely — great chocolate treats and nice short speech. Strangely though I didn’t see everyone there who I thought was going to be there — writers or librarians. It was sort of a spread out party so I think they may have actually been there, but I just didn’t run into them. Then while hunting for them, I got in trouble for accidentally standing in the signing line and generally causing trouble, so that pretty much put an end to that. Plus, Afghani was calling to me.

3) Afghani food. Yum!!! So delicious. Madison is lucky enough to have two Afghani restaurants and we went to Kabul’s last night. My favorite is the vegetarian strudel.

4) Spring. I think it might finally be here. Yes!

5) Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. Today is the first day of my vacation (at home writing vacation, not going off on adventures vacation) so I splurged and bought this one. I’m totally not going to get distracted and just read this. Really. This is a write til your fingers bleed kind of vacation. But it doesn’t hurt to have something fun to read AFTER writing. Except for the bloody fingers issue.

6) Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. Double vacation splurge.

Have a great weekend!


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