Freshly Liberated

There are a LOT of happy birds in my neighborhood.
It feels as though, after a year of treatment, my scalp finally got tired and decided to take a break. Instead of thinning a bit as it did before, it just let it all go.
So the birds have nice thick hair for their nests and now I have a cold head. Who knew that all of that hair did so much insulating?
But it has lead me to discover wigs. Why did no one tell me how fabulous they are? It is perfect for lazy people such as myself. Instead of going to all of the trouble of washing and drying my hair (and even BRUSHING it on occasion), I could have just plopped a perfectly styled wig on my head.
I feel liberated.
So far I have a couple of wigs. One that is more or less similar in color to my actual hair but that behaves itself beautifully as my hair never did and one that is short and dark and does all of these cute flippy things. Both were a deal (one was free, so really quite a deal) and I’m still on the lookout. There are so many to choose from and it seems like there must be that perfect wig out there that is all things to all people. Or all things to me at least.
Not that I mind going around bald. If it weren’t for the cold issue and the dangerous lack of cushioning (and, of course, monotony fashion-wise), bald wouldn’t be so bad. If I was hoping that going bald would start to give me a sad, pitiful look and that strangers would come up to me and pat me on the head (gently) and say “Poor dear,” and give me candy, I was wrong. No one is going to give me candy. I look exuberantly healthy, possibly even more so bald than I did before. I have no idea why I look so healthy when all tests would indicate otherwise, but when your doctor looks at you and says things like, “With numbers like these, you should be hospitalized, but you just look too GOOD to be an inpatient,” you know there’s a disconnect somewhere.
I’m going to have to come up with a better scheme to get candy.
I hope you all are well!

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  1. Bridget,

    You are one amazing woman…I just really look up to you. For you to be able to stay in such positive spirits despite of what you are going through is really inspirational. Keep on Bridget!!!! Thanks for being you šŸ™‚

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