Fangs Retrospective

One week after Halloween, I’m re-sharing my vampire fangs photo for all of you who have told me how much you miss it. <<sigh>> The old days.

I miss it too.

Now in my new photo I’m just looking so so happy over there. And you all don’t even know why! You might think, oh, that Bridget, she’s always just so damn perky and full of cheer. But that is not why I’m smiling there. It isn’t general happiness/cheer at all. It’s specific happiness. Which I will reveal to you all here:


Isn’t that the most beautiful eclair, sunshiney day, and glass of lemonade YOU HAVE EVER SEEN???? I’m not just grinning like a fool for the usual reasons. It is about 30% usual joie de vivre, 20% sunshine, 10% lemonade, and 40% eclair.

It was a really good eclair.

I’m currently reading Bliss by Lauren Myracle and it is SO spooky. You get this feeling of dread as you’re reading it. I have to take breaks and read The Book Thief (for the second time) and Inkdeath which are both pretty scary in their own way, but I like to mix up my types of scariness so that no one kind can take hold and keep me up at night.

I’ve also been working on a not so secret project — a new bloggedy blog blog! My friend and fellow librarian/writer Janet and I decided that what the world needed was another blog! So if you are tired of reading about the trees and eclairs here to get to the part about the books, you can go to an all ya book talk all the time over at The Tarts’ Wardrobe. The name is taken from the Georgia Nicholson books — the tarts’ wardrobe is where the girls go to gossip and apply lippy etc. So you can see from the name that it is a very serious literary blog. And focused.

I only ramble on about M&M’s for a bit.

See you there!


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  1. Love the fangs and I love spooky stories too. Poe was my favorite then King and now, as I get older, I am loving Meyer.

    Currently reading Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris – it’s the second in the True Blood series. Not scary though.

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