You give some people a tiny bit of fame and they just can’t get enough. As is the case with Barrett’s mom — her hands made the last post and then she really really really wanted to get her face in. So I’m indulging her. Us in Forest Park:

This also seems to be the case with my cats who usually see the internet as something to sit in front of, but I’ve noticed that since I haven’t blogged about them for a while they’ll be laying around looking cute and then see me looking and seem to make an effort to look extra cute. Also, Harpo jumps up on the back of Barrett’s office chair, puts his two front paws on Barrett’s shoulder and peers over it to look into his work webcam making loud commentary right in his ear. This has lost him his hanging out in Barrett’s office when he is actually using the webcam privileges. An example of cuteness:

And here’s an old one where they tried tweaking the cute but ended up just looking weird:

But I do have a nice picture of my friend April Henry looking cute at her book signing last night:

Her fame is burgeoning far beyond the reaches of my blog. New York Times Bestselling Author PLUS she just got a TWO PAGE SPREAD in Henry Holt’s catalog PLUS an additional full page ad in the back of the catalog!!

V. exciting stuff.

Must slip in some writing before cats wake up and insist that I pay attention to their cuteness.

Love to you all,


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  1. What a great picture! And it was in front of all the cat (and other animals) book section!

  2. My one cat tries to pretend he doesn’t care about the Internet, while the other has this habit of coming and just plopping herself right down on my hands while I’m trying to type. Pesky things.

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