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My favorite quote of the year (so far): “You are seriously in danger of becoming normal.” Isn’t that awesome??? My SURGEON said that. And he would know. He was right in there looking at things up close and personal.

Wheeee!!! I never thought that the idea of being normal could be so exciting.

I seem to be recovering from this surgery almost alarmingly fast — there are three largish incisions across my belly, but they don’t seem so bad. Yes, there is some pain. Quite a lot actually. And some tiredness. But still I feel goodish for someone who just had surgery. Plus, I have almost a whole month before I have to start chemo again. Woo hoo! If I can just do some quick healing and get over the pain, this could be an exceptionally fun month.

For those of you worried about us being well fed during all of this turmoil, my dad and Diana made us a freezer full of dinners and Barrett’s parents sent us cookies from our favorite cookie company Pacific Cookies. Yum. I was sort of worried that I would lose weight with all of this fasting around surgery time, but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.

The hospital wasn’t too bad either. I had a nice view of northwest Portland which you can sort of see behind Barrett. If you squint really hard. And use your imagination.

I had the perfect socks and shoes for sneaking out and ended up down in the gift shop in my hospital gown where I found this hedge hog pen that needed to come home with me and that I was sure I would want to use to write my next novel and even imagined him whispering advice in my ear. I was quite sure that Hedgey the hedge hog would be quite brilliant when given half a chance.

I was on a lot of morphine.

Some recommendations:

Shaina Noll’s CD Songs for the Inner Child is lovely and soothing. Perfect if you’re looking for something nice to listen to while you rest.

Relax Into Healing has great meditation CD’s. I’ve used the chemo one and the cancer one and liked them both quite a bit so I decided to try the surgery one and I think it’s helped me convince my brain to convince my body that healing is fun.

The wedge pillow. This thing is awesome. Barrett ran all over to find one for me when I got home from the hospital and I’m so glad he did. Upright it’s great for sitting in bed and reading, laid down it’s perfect for sleeping and getting up without hurting the old tummy muscles.

Thanks everyone who came to visit me in the hospital and everyone who wrote to me online. It’s highly distracting and wonderful to hear from you all.



A blurry photo of Hedgey, my new muse:

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  1. This is great news indeed. Though, I have to say, as cancer-free as you are becoming, you will never be normal. In your whole long and wonderful life. I mean that in the best possible way – just ask Hedgey. 🙂

  2. It’s kinda nice to stop thinking about yourself a lot of the time too (meant in a good way) – get a grip on the fear lurking in the back of your noggin…launch your energy outward toward others..you’ll do good stuff! Count on it. Even if it’s just for one person.

  3. Woo-hooooo!!! That is totally awesome! I am so so so happy to hear that!

    I have that Shaina Noll CD. I like the song about a ship in the harbor.

    Also, I love your new pen. I will be knitting a hedgehog soon, during the Olypics. He’s carrying a hot water bottle and wearing a bathrobe. Or maybe it is a hospital gown.

  4. I know NORMAL is just a setting on a washing machine, but in this case its a good take on it. I agree with Cailin, though, Normal and Bridget shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. Extraordinary is more like it.

  5. Dear Bridget,
    I have just been introduced to your blog by Kim Baker from SCBWI. I was wondering if you were going to be able to make it to the April conference this year. Last year there were a lot of us collectively wishing you healing, and it sounds like you are well on our way!
    Kim also mentioned that your agent just sold your manuscript at auction. That is fabulous news, congratulations! I sure hope you take some time each day and truly revel in that. Please let us know when it comes out! 🙂
    I look forward to following your progress online. And thanks for the CD and pillow recommendations: I could TOTALLY use a wedge pillow 🙂 I just might make one for myself! 🙂
    Núria Coe

  6. Bridget,
    Yippy for “normal”! You are so above and wonderfully beyond normal. You and your hubby are in my thoughts and I am so happy to hear that you are doing well and feeling better…maybe the wedge has healing powers 😉

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