Countdown to Chemo

Friday is the big day. My first round of chemo begins. Tomorrow is Test Day where they’re running me through zillions of tests to have a pre-chemo health baseline. Then Thursday I have off from medical professionals — Huzzah! (I have great health care professionals on my team, but for crying out loud, a girl needs a break now and then, I have almost daily appointments — enough is enough, people!) and we’re having a Last Chance to Fatten Bridget Up Before Chemo celebration. 

I plan on being a perky chemo patient and not having any problems at all, but you hear things and it never hurts to do lots of eating ahead of time just in case chemo turns me off food. I can’t imagine not liking food, I mean, maybe for a day or two, or an hour or two, but it can’t be lasting. I love food way too much. Although I think this whole being sick thing must eat up a lot of calories. My weight sinks every few doctors visits or stays the same and I swear I’m eating enough to feed a village!

Between naps and doc visits, I’m still cracking away at the edits my super agent sent me on my novel. My world is filled with lots of little comment bubbles. It’s very satisfying to finish and delete the bubbles as I go. 

Thanks to everyone who continues to send good energy my way. You all are awesome!


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  1. Bridget: I learned of your situation from SCBWI and I just want you to know this total “stranger” is thinking of you daily. (That’s almost creepy-sounding :0 — but you know what I mean!)

  2. Take care and best of luck with your treatment. I love your attitude and believe me, it will help. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    All Best,

    Judi Gardiner

  3. well sweety tomorrow is also my Birthday and it has been always a good day for me so, I hereby declare that it is also a good day for you. I will be 60 ! and I most righteously believe that someday you should also be 60. so here is to 60 and whatever it takes for us to get there. love all around you, in you, next to you , over you.

  4. Hi Bridget-

    I heard what has been going on from my mom. I am very sorry and thinking positive thoughts your way.

    I hope you can continue eating a lot-if food is hard to keep down, let me know what you can and will eat and I can send you recipes/food in the mail/whatever.

    As far as books-I do not know if you like Paolo Coehlo, but I really enjoy The Devil and Miss Prym…Ruth Reichl’s memoirs are entertaining…

    If chemo does suck majorly…acupuncture is supposed to help with side effects…

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