Countdown to Birthday Extravaganza

birthday cakeI thought that two weeks would be plenty of time to plan a birthday extravaganza. How wrong I was. Friday is the official kick off and that’s only a few days away!!!

It’s a lot of work making life as fun as it can possibly be.

So far, I’m going to the Portland Kidlit Pub Night this Friday, so that’s one fun thing on the list. Sunday, Barrett is taking me to some sort of castle on the coast where he got a ridiculously good deal on a room (either he has made a deal with a cloven-hooved fellow or the hotel must think that beach season is over).

But there’s so much more time in a week! I’ve considered a bakery crawl, either to my favorite bakeries (Ken’s Artisan, Uncommon Grounds, Two Tarts) or to a whole new set of bakeries that I haven’t been to (Little T’s, Pearl St. Bakery, Baker and Spice). OR maybe we should do teahouses instead as you really can eat only so many baked things in a row before you feel like you’re going to have to be rolled home.

Any birthday extravaganza suggestions would be much appreciated. I’m still working my way through the humor lists you sent me and know that you are all brilliant and will have lots of good ideas.

I hope you have a great week too!

Love to you all,


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  1. I hadn’t heard that the Kidlit night was on for sure. Oh well.

    I highly recommend Papa Hayden’s for desserts. It’s in Sellwood. If you like carrot cake at all you absolutely must try theirs.

  2. Hi Bridget,
    You rock! A librarian, a writer and a girl who loves bakery!
    Rosanne Parry mentioned you as her Wisconsin friend who blog in an email exchange that we had. Of course, I had to google your blog. I am so glad I did!
    I am a middle school librarian in West Allis who trained at the library school in Madison over 30 years ago. My students are doing a mock Newbery project and Rosanne’s book is one of the popular choices. She is going to blog with our students in a couple of weeks. We are very excited to talk with her about Heart of a Shepherd.
    Planning to check in on your blog regularly!

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