Fame is Mine!

I’m on the homepage of the CCBC website — a good ten percent of the time or so. Woo hoo! Today the CCBC homepage, tomorrow the cover of People. You have to hit refresh on the CCBC’s website to go through all of the pics. So I’m saving you some trouble by posting the image […]

Writers Group Weekend with the Fabulous Gretchen Hirsch

A whole entire month has flown by since my writers group’s spring editor retreat. It was brilliant and thrilling and everything a retreat weekend should be, and yet… I haven’t blogged about it. Why, you might ask? If it was so brilliant and thrilling and so on WHY haven’t you blogged about it? Everyone wants […]

WI Book Fest

I was lucky enough to be asked to introduce several authors for the WI Book Fest last weekend. Very exciting as no one has ever asked me to do this before. However, I’m guessing that the organizers weren’t anticipating that I would a) make fun of the title of the author panel I was introducing […]