Brownies, Tiaras, and SCBWI-WI

I made it on Cynthia Lord’s blog! With a big old photo and everything.

The SCBWI WI fall retreat was fabulous. I think my favorite parts were, of course, showing Joy Neaves and Cynthia Lord (two exceptionally lovely women) the CCBC as it is the best place on earth and who wouldn’t want to show it off? and when one of the faculty tried to convince everyone after a very long day that she really did speak English, but then destroyed any sense of sensibleness that could be attributed to her by offering a writing contract to whoever made the awesome brownies. I won’t say who because I wouldn’t want anyone’s office to get deluged in brownies (though there are worse things than deluges of brownies, if you somehow missed the previous blog see my tribute to chocolate here).

The rest of the faculty were equally wonderful even if they didn’t get to have the shared CCBC experience. Dianne Hess tells great stories and I especially loved the one where she almost had to buy into a co-op because she wanted to check out a historical children’s book editing site. Rebecca Sherman is extremely entertaining and fun and has the best celebrity sighting stories. Jean Gralley has the saddest life of them all as she can’t have cats because they would sit right on her computer and keep her from working but she seems to be doing just fine despite this. Jill Esbaum I spoke with the least as ships passing etc etc or something like that, but her lecture was VERY funny.

And it was fabulous seeing the A-list Wisconsin writing rockstars that I don’t get to see very often (and even the ones that I see all of the time).

All in all, a super fun time!! The SCBWI-WI organizers etc. are extremely fab and wonderful and should get crowns and scepters and things.

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