Blog Goblins

Yes, my blog is back! I knew that blogs could go on vacation, but I had no idea about the Blog Goblins that could come along and chomp up your blog leaving you with nothing but a weird login page as though your blog had never existed at all. Ultimate X-Men #71 Cover My web guys said that my blog was corrupted. The Blog Goblins weren’t happy just stealing away my blog, they had to turn it to devious underhanded activities. It came back with slicked back hair and leather, ideas about flaunting authority and singing Fight the Power.

Next month I’m going to the Kidlit Bloggers Conference. Perhaps there’ll be whole sessions on Blog Goblins and corruption. Maybe they’ll have some suggestions for taming previously corrupted blogs and turning them into respectable citizens.

While my blog was off with the Blog Goblins, I had some adventures of my own. Many thwarted attempts to get to the beach were made (how did every other person in Portland have the same idea?), a pacific northwest picnic was had — they have dungeness crabs here like Wisconsin has hotdogs, and Ramona Quimby was visited with my friend Amanda. Fun times all around. Ha! Those Blog Goblins can’t get me down!

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  1. Bridgie,
    You’re supposed to say “the PNW has dungeness crab on the grill, like WI has BRATWURST… You aren’t the best example of a WI badger/packer cheezehead from WisCONsin..
    that’s not a bad thing tho.

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