Birthday! Voting Day! Auction!

Today is my birthday. Hurray! I’m currently wearing new pajamas and reading Magic Below Stairs. V. nice birthday so far.

Happy Voting Day for everyone who votes regular-like and not by mail. I sort of miss the excitement of Voting Day which I think should be a national holiday, but I actually love voting by mail. It gives me time to think things through and do research, then I vote as I go, instead of having to do it all ahead of time before going to the polls. Or being surprised when I get there and voting for the woman with the coolest name (um, not that I’ve ever done that, of course).

In other exciting news, a new auction is being launched. I know I’ve said this again and again, but it bears repeating –we might not be rich in money or health (though I’m working really hard to change this), but we are rich in friends.

We are, by necessity, embarking in new and uncharted waters to kick cancer and our friends have gotten together an online auction for us. Because they are awesome. So, so, so awesome!

You can be awesome too.

Here’s info on the auction and how you can participate:

In the spirit of Bridget and Barrett’s Summer of Love, let’s keep it going with an online auction, Bridget Kicks Cancer: Season of Love and Hope. Starting now, we’re asking people to donate items to be bid on. Bidding begins Monday, November 22nd, and ends Saturday, December 4th. Here’s how it works:

Item Donation:
– To donate an item, go to to fill out and submit the Item Donation Form.
– If you have more than one item to donate fill out a separate form for each item.
– For each item you submit, send us images to accompany the item listing. We can take up to four images per item! Please email images to:
– Get your donations in by Friday, November 19!

Items that have been popular and successful in previous auctions include:
– Author and writer services: critiques, help with social networking
– Autographed books
– Handcrafted jewelry or greeting cards
– Local services: wine tours, house rentals, consulting work
– Original Artwork: perhaps design an 8 x 10 -12 x 24 around the theme of “Season of Love” (paying homage to Bridget’s “Summer of Love”), offer to commission a piece of art, or donate an existing piece
– Gift items

The Auction:
– The auction will begin at 8:00am on Monday, November 22nd, and will conclude at 7:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Central on Saturday, December 4th.
– To bid on items, visit the auction site at and follow the instructions for bidding.
– Winners will be notified by Sunday, December 5th, and will be sent instructions for payment at that time.
– As soon as payment is received, donors will ship or otherwise provide the item won to the winning bidder. Since this is around the holidays, send items as soon as possible after we notify you that payment has been received.

Questions? Email us at!

Love to you all,


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