Writers Group Weekend with the Fabulous Gretchen Hirsch

The Super Valentine Dog Pansy and Gretchen HirschA whole entire month has flown by since my writers group’s spring editor retreat. It was brilliant and thrilling and everything a retreat weekend should be, and yet… I haven’t blogged about it. Why, you might ask? If it was so brilliant and thrilling and so on WHY haven’t you blogged about it? Everyone wants to know! But here’s the thing — last year I was so inspired that I made a movie as a result of the spring retreat. The infamous Boots video. How can I top that? I can’t just whip that kind of genius* out at the drop of a hat. I must be Inspired. Making videos is nothing like writing where you just have to keep going and can’t wait for Inspiration. The Music School LibrarianVideos are all about Inspiration. And snacks for the cast. So I’ve been waiting. There was that Bitch’s Brew nail polish Gretchen recommended. The Super Valentine Dog Pansy. The music school librarian who appeared at the weekend’s end party and who most of us had never met before but who has been immortalized in our group photo. What, what, what could be the seed for the best video ever? Could it possibly top last year’s video????


*In case it isn’t obvious, this is sarcasm. I realize true film-making genius is far far from my film-making, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

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