What Is Commonly Known As a Lie

People told us that we would miss out on fall if we moved to Portland. “Don’t believe those people who say fall is beautiful out there — they’ve just never seen the real thing.” This is a lie. 100%. (Scroll down for pics)

I can safely say that I’ve NEVER experienced a more beautiful fall than I did this year. Ever. And I am getting quite old now as you know.

It is true that the Pacific Northwest does not have the color variation and spectacularness in fall that the midwest or east coast has. In nature, there are mostly some bright yellows, a red here and there, but with an emphasis on green. But that’s outside the city. IN the city, at least in our neighborhood, people seem to spend a good deal of time and energy planting extraordinary lovely things in their yards. I mean, really, really spectacular stuff. And I get to enjoy it. For free and with little to no effort! Just my kind of fun.

With all of the non-natural yet stunning foliage planted all around, sunny skies every day in October, and virtually no wind or rain, the fall here was just the best ever. I have heard rumor that this year was different than other years etc. etc., but as you know, I have been LIED to. They are trying to convince all of you not to move here. And I will say that November will help me back them up because now the rain has started and the cloudy days etc. But no one rakes so now some of the beauty is just beneath my feet instead of above my head. I can deal with that.

We’ll see what I’m thinking come February when I am either in agreement with those who say that the grey will drive you crazy or if I will discover another lie (I hope!).


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  1. Oh great, there you go, blowing our secret!

    I have a love-hate relationship with the leaves. I adore them on the trees, but once they fall on the ground I’m the person everyone calls to come rake them up so that they don’t have to do it themselves.

    Wet leaves are heavy. I swear I’d rather sling compost all day long than blow, rake, and haul leaves for 3 or 4 hours. It’s exhausting.

  2. Those leaves are (dare I say it?) even more beautiful than the ones we have here! I love those purple ones. Isn’t it so cool when you see a really pretty tree? I always think it is really awesome because it didn’t look exactly that way the day before, and it won’t look the same the next day. I always think it is so lucky that I got to see it on that particular day, because think about how many people didn’t get to see it.

  3. Lisa, you are too funny. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate that there are SOME good things to renting — no leaves to rake. Even if the people upstairs do sound like elephants wearing heels (disguised as actually quite small people, I don’t know how they do it).

    Amanda, aren’t they gorgeous? I think because so many things are willing to grow out here where it is not quite so cold. And I totally agree about being in awe of how amazing a tree in color can be and how fleeting it is! I try taking pics, but they are never quite as good as being there.

  4. Stunning photos. I have lived here since I was 17 and have never regretted my decision to stay. I have found that you appreciate more the days that pop up sunny and clear in the depths of winter.

  5. Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year and I’m in Northern California. I also adore Portland- the leaves are beautiful! Love all the coffee houses there too ;- )

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