What I Should Have Asked For

Coveralls. You know the kind that mechanics wear? I should have asked for some for Christmas. Then I could just pop them over my clothes and solve the dripping butter and/or soy sauce and/or chocolate issue that seems to come up around the holidays. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

Besides the lack-of-coveralls problem, we had a fabulous holiday and spent a day in Seattle shopping at the amazing gigantic Asian grocery store Uwajimaya’s. We picked up all sorts of goodies and had to fit it all in one backpack. The burdock root didn’t quite fit and ended up poking out the top, as you can see in the photo of Barrett on the Bainbridge Island Ferry.

Good thing we had our fun times over the holidays, as it turns out I’m having surgery THIS WEEK! I just found out yesterday. Lots of mad scrambling — stocking up on fruit juice jels (aka fake “healthy-ish” jello), vegetable broth, and miso soup.

V. Important To Do List (to be completed before Thursday):

1) Figure out what to do with Needs a Haircut But Will Not Be Able to Get One Before Thursday hair (as it is a well known fact that hospital types take better care of the well groomed). I need a look that requires little to no effort and yet somehow says “I care”. Possibly pigtails?

2) Paint nails –sadly, they have been unpainted for months now as the neuropathy was so bad, I wasn’t all that steady with a brush. If you don’t know what neuropathy is, yay for you, because it is this completely annoying chemo side effect that causes tingling in your hands and feet, and makes everything you touch feel like gravel, except when you can’t feel anything at all. Don’t even get me started on the fear of clipping toenails — the combination of lack of coordination in the hands and the lack of feeling in the feet is the perfect setting for bloody disaster. I am so happy to say the neuropathy seems to be disappearing. Huzzah!

3) Make sure iPod is loaded with music. Also, don’t forget to pack iPod speaker stand thing to play music in room to add ambiance (and cover up the sound of patients down the hall yelling at nurses and/or puking).

4) Pack red mary janes to keep from slipping in horrid hospital slippers when sneaking out for adventures.

5) Find some books to read ASAP!!!

Whew! Okay, must get to it.

I hope you had a great holiday!

Love to you all,


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  1. Ooh, your trip to Seattle sounds awesome! I wish I were there- I would paint your nails for you! I’d also cut your hair, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that…

  2. Have Barrett cut it. I had to have Jim dye my hair before surgery this March because there wasn’t time for anything else and the nurses couldn’t stop cooing about him doing it. good luck. will send Nelson girls soon!

  3. Wow, Bridget – big news! Is this the “chemo is working so well that I can handle surgery” surgery? I hope so. I will be thinking of you this week!

  4. Thanks for all of the healing thoughts, everyone! I wish I could have gone last night to Lisa’s book signing. I bet it was super fun.
    Yes, Cailin, the chemo is working so well they’re letting me have surgery. I think someone said in one of these office visits that I’m having an extraordinary reaction to the chemo — you can’t beat that!
    Sandy, I would trust Barrett to cut my hair but we’re both so nervous and excited I’m worried his hand might just slip and cut off more than he’d intended and I’d end up with some kind of punk look which might be entertaining but possibly a bit cold. I’m so lucky to have Nelson girls coming to visit — I feel bad for those who don’t have Nelson girls to visit them after surgery.
    Amanda, I have no doubt that you could cut hair. There doesn’t seem to be an end to your talents. 🙂

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