To Shave, or Not to Shave,

My hair is starting to grow back.


The only problem is that is it growing back in a wussy dandelion fuzz sort of way.

I was seduced by a hot, new cancer-fighting treatment that, as it turns out, did not fight any cancer at all, but instead spent all of its energy getting rid of my hair and then was apparently too worn out for anything else. Lazy and misguided cancer drugs. So now I’m back on the old treatment regime which is considerably more “hair friendly” but still seems to be tainting the ground from which I’m sprouting this new hair.

My new hair is nothing if not weird looking.

So now I have a dilemma.

Do I let my new dandelion fuzz grow because it might someday be enough to keep my head slightly warm (if not overly gorgeous) or do I shave it off until I can grow some hair with vim and vigor?

There is one big factor adding weight to the shaving side.

None of the balding men in my life (Thanks Dad!) ever told me this, keeping their baldy secrets to themselves, but I will tell you because I am only a temporary member of the club and not to be trusted.

The secret about baldness: you get a Direct Line.

Seriously. As soon as you shave off that top, you instantly feel spiritual and wise and as though there is nothing between you and the universe, god, goddess, what-have-you. No more hairy whatsits to jam the signal.

People should come to YOU for advice. Or to get their personal requests right to the source.

I know, awesome, right?

Do I give that up for some not-fully-baked, fuzzy hair?

But the warmness! Even my dandelion fuzz sprouts have some warming qualities. It would be nice not to shiver all of the time and/or have to wear my super-soft and cozy smurf hat any time I am wig-less.

You don’t even want to know what it is like on smurf hat cleaning day.

My hair dilemma aside, Bridget Zinn Cupcake Day was a smashing success! Thank you to everyone who participated (doesn’t suck to get good karma with someone with a Direct Line, I’ll make sure to put in a good word for all of you) and a special thanks to Bryce and Cristina and all of their helpers for making this happen.

And thanks again and again to everyone who has helped us to fight cancer in a gabillion different ways besides eating cupcakes (although that is a pretty fantastic way to help, I think Cailin said it best — it’s totally win-win!).

We hope to see many of you during our Summer of Love tour!

(Which brings me to a whole new dilemma — what sort of hair does one wear to their multiple wedding celebrations? Do you buy special hair or wear everyday hair or your usual party hair?)

Love to you all,


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  1. Another bit of info to add to your dilemma: New hair growing out is ever so much softer than hair that has been shaved or cut. That’s because it is spared the microscopically blunt edges that are created when you slice the baby strands. So, if you want to take advantage of the rare softness, you can either let your lovely fuzz grow or wax your head and start again. Whatever you decide, fuzz, wax or shave, your head will still be an antennae for all the wonders of the universe. Except maybe if you wax, ’cause that would hurt.

  2. I think I’d have to vote for not being cold, and you can still wear your wigs when you want even with the fuzz, yes? I’d hate to see that awesome blue wig out of circulation so soon.

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